Gift of The Good Life

Gift of the Good Life

Are there occasions when you feel you would like to make a special gift to a friend or a family member? Or even to yourself!

Would you like to grow your own fresh vegetables and be self-sufficient – just like Tom and Barbara in the 1970s hit TV series, The Good Life?

With help and support from Polly’s Perennials both these aims can be achieved easily – through The Gift of the Good Life.

The Gift of the Good Life is a concept that has been developed by Polly’s Perennials to help people grow their own vegetables.

Some people would like to grow their own vegetables – but just don’t have the time to get started.

Others have never done anything like this before and would like assistance to help them take the first steps to growing their own vegetables.

We prepare your vegetable patch ready for planting

We prepare your vegetable patch ready for planting

Gift of the Good Life

A healthy vegetable patch

 Polly’s Perennials offers two “Good Life” packages:

  • The Vegetable Package consists of staple vegetables, such as potatoes, courgettes, pumpkins, spinach and broad beans.
  • The Summer Salad Package, which includes lettuces, tomatoes, cucumbers, spring onions and radishes, is designed for summer growth.

Depending on whether you choose the Vegetable Package or the Summer Salad Package (or both), we will select the vegetable seedlings, provide advice on how to plant them and a guide on how to care for them as they grow. And we subsequently provide e-mail support to ensure that your vegetables grow successfully.

The cost of each Package starts at £59.99. Or you can have both the Vegetable Package and the Summer Salad Package from £99.99.

Alternative packages are also available, with a personalised choice of vegetables or other add-ons to increase the level of support or maintenance.

The Gift of the Good Life Plus

Polly’s Perennials also offers The Gift of the Good Life Plus. This takes the concept a step further and we actually do the whole thing for you. You won’t even have to get your hands dirty!

If you want to have vegetables from your own garden to eat, but you don’t have the time to nurture and maintain them yourself, let Polly’s Perennials do it for you. We will plant the seedlings and cultivate the vegetables until they are ready to pick.

All you will need to do is watch them grow – and then enjoy the results of our efforts at your dinner table!

Please get in touch if you are interested in The Gift of the Good Life Plus and we will be pleased to discuss your particular requirements with you.

If you would like to find out more about The Gift of the Good Life, please ring Polly’s Perennials on 07930 354128 or e-mail: