Kerb Appeal

Kerb AppealHaving difficulty in selling your house or letting your flat?
Kerb Appeal could be the answer!

Kerb Appeal is a new concept that is proving to be hugely popular with people who are trying to sell or let the properties that they own.

First impressions really are important. If the initial view of your property that potential buyers see is an untidy garden or poorly maintained frontage, this will immediately put negative thoughts into their heads.

Kerb Appeal will banish those thoughts by converting your frontage into an attractive feature that will enhance the sale potential of your property, rather than inhibit it.

Polly’s Perennials has a number of options available for making your property more “saleable” – ranging from a series of “cosmetic adjustments” to a complete makeover, if that is felt to be necessary.

In these difficult financial times, anything that improves the prospect of selling or letting your property is invaluable . . . 

The aim of Kerb Appeal is to give the impression of careful upkeep and maintenance; to give a light and bright setting to your property that will be attractive to potential buyers (or renters).

To help us achieve these aims we often make use of hanging baskets and containers. These do not have to be purchased, as they can be rented out to you if this suits your circumstances better.

Kerb Appeal ContainerKerb Appeal hanging basket

We would be pleased to arrange a free assessment of how Kerb Appeal would make your property easier to sell or let – together with a quotation of what it would cost to provide you with Kerb Appeal.

Find out more about Kerb Appeal, or to request a free assessment, ring Polly’s Perennials on: 07930 354128 or e-mail: