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Enjoy all the seasons with our all year round care package.

Many of Polly’s Perennials clients ask for garden tidy ups in Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

Seasonal tidy ups are often all a well-designed garden needs.   It’s the chance to freshen up your garden at key times of the year leaving you to enjoy quality time outdoors when the sun shines.

Many of us lead busy lives and what little free time we have we want to spend relaxing in our gardens instead of working in them.

Unfortunately, if a garden is neglected it can quickly become overgrown.  If you book in regular tidy ups you won’t have to worry that you will be opening your doors to a wilderness  With the Polly’s Perennials seasonal care package we take the pain out of your gardening.

Gardens are no different to a house in that they need all year round care. We tidy our homes without question so why should our gardens be any different?


Clean and shaped

While some garden jobs need doing all year round the seasons bring different challenges whether its clearing leaves, lawn maintenance, planting, mulching, weeding, pruning or getting your paths and patios clean for sitting outside in summer.

Before: front garden tidy up

After: transformation

After: transformation

Many of our satisfied customers have been astounded at what we can achieve for them in a day as you can see from our recommendations.

To benefit from the seasonal care package jut pick a date every three months and treat your garden to a fresh look.

If you book care packages for all four seasons we are offering 25 per cent off the last tidy up. To get the discount book now.